Welcome to the AAMU, the only museum in Europe that is entirely dedicated to contemporary Aboriginal art from Australia.

New exhibition: The power of wood

This new exhibition shows a wide diversity of wooden art works from the museum's collection. Wood is an essential material of the land and there is a long tradition of making wooden art objects in Australian Indigenous cultures. Read more.

Museum open on Whitmonday, 25 May

Please note that the museum is opened on Whitmonday, a national holiday on May 25, from 11am until 5pm.



12 May: Professor Barbara Gillam on A new approach to Australian Aboriginal art

Professor Barbara Gillam is an Australian psychologist specialised in visual perception. She is struck by the skills and imagination of Aboriginal artists. In this lecture she will talk of how they explore and extend principles of visual perception in telling their stories.   lees verder...

18 April: artist talk by Michael Cook

Michael Cook's work Civilised #10 can be seen on the exhibtion poster of Saltwater Country. He is a photographer and made a series of intriguing photo art works about the earliest encounters between the Indigenous population in Queensland and the Europeans. This is a unique opportunity to hear this artist about his work.   lees verder...

26 March: artist talk by Daniel Boyd

Daniel Boyd is one of the sixteen artists in the current exhibition Saltwater Country. In his work he reinterprets Australia's colonial history and the little know stories of slavery in Queensland. For this exhibition he will visit the Netherlands and speak about his work.   lees verder...

2 November: special 3D screenings of film Above Us All at the AAMU

On Sunday 2 November two special, exclusive film screenings take place in the AAMU of Above Us All. The film is shown in 3D and has only 20 seats per screening. Director Eugenie Jansen will join the audience to talk about the movie and its themes.   lees verder...

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