20 and 21 August: Aboriginal film weekend

On Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 August the AAMU will organise a film weekend about the portrayal of Aboriginal culture in films in cooperation with the Louis Hartlooper Complex cinema which is an easy 10 minute walk along Utrecht's famous Oudegracht. Each film will be introduced by an expert on film and Aboriginal culture like Dr. Ad Borsboom and experienced staff members of the AAMU and the LHC.

The programme is as follows:

Saturday August 21:

Australia (2008) an epic film by Baz Luhrmann starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman which also touches on the subject of the treatment of the Aborigines and the stolen generation.
Louis Hartlooper Complex / 11.30am / 166 minutes / Admission: € 8.50

Ten Canoes (2006) by Rolf De Heer. The story of two brothers who go hunting for goose eggs. First feature film entirely recorded with Aboriginal actors and in an Aboriginal language.
Louis Hartlooper Complex / 3.15pm / 90 minutes / Admission: € 8.50

Bran Nue Dae (2009) by Rachel Perkins: hilarious roadmovie full of catchy music based on a very successful Australian musical, with a.o. Geoffrey Rush.
AAMU / 8.00pm / 85 minutes / Admission € 8 (includes admission museum)

Sunday 21 August:

Samson & Delilah (2009) by Warwick Thornton. Touching story of two teenagers trying to escape their monotonous live in a remote community. Won many awards among which the Camera d'Or of the Cannes Film Festival.
Louis Hartlooper Complex / 12.30pm / 101 minutes / Admission: € 8.50

Rabbit Proof Fence (2002) by Phillip Noyce. Powerful drama about the stolen generation with a.o. Kenneth Branagh. In the 1930s three Aboriginal girls are taken away from their mothers. They try to find their way back home through the outback.
AAMU / 3.00pm / 94 minutes / Admission: € 8 (includes admission museum)

Tickets can be booked at the LHC online (www.hartlooper.nl) or via 030 2320450.
Louis Hartlooper Complex
Tolsteegbrug 1
3511 ZN Utrecht

Reservations for films at the AAMU can be made via info@aamu.nl or 030 2380100.

A ticket to one of the films at the LHC will give you a 25% discount to the AAMU during this weekend (so € 6 instead of € 8). Vice versa people who will buy a ticket to one of the films at the AAMU will receive a discount to one of the films in the programme at the LHC on presentation of their admission ticket(€ 7 instead of € 8.50).

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